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 baby, i'm preying on you tonight, 23/118, north coven, assassin.
bella amador
 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 12:07 PM
bella amador

.jquicksand1 { background-color: #B00F0F; /* colour of bottom bar */} .jquicksand h1 { color: #fff; /* colour of big font */} .jquicksand h2, .jquicksand h2 a { color: #fff; /* colour of little font */} .jquicksand h3 { color: #B00F0F; /* list title colour */} .jquicksand ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background-color: #B00F0F; } /* scrollbar colour */ about: femme fatale shady assassin bloodthirsty will cut you As innocent and sweet as Bella may appear on the outside, in reality she’s the exact opposite of that. A ruthless assassin who’s basically a glorified vampire contract killer, Bella takes no prisoners. It’s clear that she has a dark side - she’s cunning, conniving, and has very little morals in terms of who she chooses to feed and prey on, not hesitating - but that doesn’t mean she’s irredeemably evil. In fact, there is a softer side to her, but that only comes out around her husband Nicholas. To most others, she’s a deadly femme fatale, the kind of woman who will simultaneously sweet-talk you and kill you in your sleep. Born into a strictly patriarchal hunter family in turn of the century England, Bella had been conditioned from a very young age to act and behave a certain way. She was meant to be a ‘lady’; perfectly meek and docile and coquettish, confined to a very limited kind of existence where her only goal was marriage. For very obvious reasons, she hated every bit of this. She had always been very agile and physically strong and had wanted to hunt, just like her brothers. But of course, gender roles in the 1920s were a b*tch, and her hopes and desires were repeatedly shut down and dismissed by her family. Even then, she knew that there was a dark and dangerous undercurrent within her, but she only fully realized that when she met Nicholas, which lead to her eventual turning. Being a vampire gave her both a sense of independence as well as the raw, unadulterated power she had always craved. Needless to say, she got addicted to the things that came with it - heightened senses, newfound strength, and of course, the bloodlust. Even though she’s now been a vampire for decades, she’s still addicted to blood in a way that’s almost unhealthy, and is easily driven over the edge. That’s what makes her all the more volatile and dangerous, because her bloodlust makes her a little crazy and she doesn’t hesitate to go to any and every length to satisfy it. The reason she went so thoroughly off the rails and embraced a life of murder and bloodshed is not just the influence of her vampirism or her husband; it comes from an innate need to defy the kind of conditioning she’s been fed as a child. She was so tired of being all docile and easily conforming that it had begun to grate on her; and so when she finally found her independence and was able to openly defy her family, she embraced all that rage and resentment and turned it into something sinister and barbaric. Friends: I don’t think she’ll have many of these, being who she is. She really isn’t the kind to befriend or warm up to people even if she may appear to do so. Even when Bella’s being nice to you, she’s probably scheming internally. Enemies: Everyone except Nicholas tbh. Lovers: She’s married and ridiculously devoted to her husband, and have been for years and years. They may fight and rile each other up a lot at times, but that’s just because they’re them and are weirdly dysfunctional but are happy being that way. bella amador23/118. north coven. assassin. f: nicholas amador &raquo
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