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Feb 11 2018, 04:48 PM
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harry! on the right

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Lucy was nervous, which was ridiculous, she was aware, but it didn’t stop her from the bubbling burst of anxiety that was beneath her skin. Maybe she should chicken out and go buy something last minute from the store? But she already had bought a number of little things for Harry’s birthday, so she’d have to get something major and...well Lucy didn’t know where to start on that considering she had talked herself into this being the greatest idea she ever had. She had perfectly lined up all of the gifts in question on her coffee table before she started pacing, holding one particular box in her hands as she was trying to not...talk herself into chickening out, but the urge was still there. She was antsy, and when she heard Harry come in, she practically flew across the room to put the box in the proper spot: front and center on the coffee table deciding that she wasn’t going to chicken out now. <p>
”Happy birthday!” she greeted, kissing him on the cheek and wrapping him in a tight hug...which just reminded her that her palms were sweaty and her heart was pounding so loud she was sure there wasn’t a person in the world who couldn’t hear it, ”I, uh, kind of went a bit overboard for gifts,” she explained, showing the coffee table which was practically littered with things. Most of which were just cute knick-knacks and things that she thought he would enjoy, there was a coffee mug that she had made herself, and then the gift. ”Normally I wouldn’t care where you started on things, but uh, you have to open that middle one first,” Lucy insisted, mentally noting that the whole reason for that was so that she wouldn’t change her mind for the billionth time that morning when having to look at it as he opened everything else. It was like ripping off a band-aid, she reasoned, and there wasn’t going to be a way it would go poorly...except that maybe it would, and she found herself avoiding any sort of eye contact as that thought crossed her mind, finding herself staring at the aquarium that housed the hermit crabs she had and deciding that it was the most thrilling thing she’d ever seen--maybe she needed to redesign their tank soon?
gift in question!

Jan 6 2018, 04:56 PM

This is my very unofficial and probably disorganized wedding thread of 2k18. Prepare yourselves for my brain just throwing things up on the page.

-will edit things in when I have more time than trying to update my work calendar-

edit: omg posting on lucy when i just sent hannah stuff about melted foot the end
Jan 1 2018, 02:40 AM
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love of her life. clothes

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Unsurprising to anyone who had known Lucy for any extended lengths of time, she was not a huge fan of the holidays, nor her birthday (which fell perfectly in the midst of the holidays). She’d spent so many of them alone and being heavily disappointed that she typically would get a few people close to her some gifts, but that was the extent of it. It wasn’t really something she liked to talk about, and that was perfectly okay for her. What was also unsurprising was the amount of time she found herself spending time with Harry (literally thought she was going through withdrawals if she didn’t see him at least for a little bit each day). Even more so that she’d grown quite accustomed to just hanging out with him, even without plans. She’d strolled back into her living room, flopping down on her couch with ease, ”So I ordered us some Chinese, and I think I got enough for leftovers for days and also a ton of extra fortune cookies, which should be here in a while.” <p>
It was then that Lucy looked up from her phone where the order’s confirmation email was open to realize what Harry was doing, frowning as she looked about at him with his various holiday decorations laying about as he was seemingly hanging things and putting a small tree up amongst everything else, making Lucy’s stomach feel like it was in a bunch of knots. She had managed to keep a general rule of not decorating anything ever, likely due to her own lack of holiday cheer. ”What are you doing?” she asked, not meaning to sound so accusing as she did it, but her tone was alarmed enough. ”Where did you even get all of this?”

Jun 7 2017, 05:53 PM
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Jun 7 2017, 04:06 AM
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Lucy felt sick to her stomach...well honestly at this point she was feeling a lot of emotions, and none of them were good. She had texted Duncan...mentioning that she had met Lizzie, but that wasn’t important. No, she was in crisis and she needed her best friend so she could maybe stop feeling crazy for acting like an excessively jealous girlfriend...a clingy and hopeless one at that, and no one liked that. Lucy was one hundred percent convinced that this was it--she was going to end up driving Harry out because she was insane and would rather be the one pushing anyone out than being the one being left behind by yet another person she cared about. To say she was a mess was an understatement, and Lucy wanted nothing more than to either completely fall apart and melt into the cracks on her floor...or pretend everything was fine. <p>

Unfortunately, that really wasn’t an option considering she was openly sobbing, tears rolling down her face and she was pretty sure her heart was going to explode out of her chest from one soul-crushing text message that was inevitable to come. Lucy tried wiping her face...to maybe seem like she hadn’t been crying nonstop but that wasn’t working and only upset her more. She slumped down on the floor, wrapped in a blanket and that’s where she was going to stay, silent except for a few sobs here and there before she heard the knock at the door, and it took her no time at all to swing it open. ”You came,” she mumbled quietly, hugging the blanket tighter around her, ”I’m sorry my house is a mess--I’m a mess, everything is a mess and I think he’s finding out I’m crazy in a bad way.” And then she slumped over onto the couch, hiding her face in the cushions. ”This sucks. Feelings suck. I suck.”

</div></div><div class="lucy-lavender-table">327 words • just imagine pajamas and a blanket burrito • bestie</div><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=18561">✽</a>
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