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Oct 12 2017, 08:05 PM
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<td><div class="tablebackgroundtame"><table width="350"><tr><td><div class="toplyrics">
You are my grasp and catch ,
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I will be loving you anyway, because I <br>love you already
</div></td><td><div class="imageborder"><div style="padding: 5px;">
<img src="https://image.ibb.co/ftnqXk/stephen_nadia.gif"
</div></div></div></td></td></table></tr><tr><td><div class="maintexttame">

Stephen had not been particularly pleased to receive an invite to a ball from people he didn’t know, mostly because he felt like he had made a concentrated effort not to get involve in socialite politics but someone felt the need to invite him anyway. He had heard eventually that it was their style to invite anyone they wanted, but this was not reassuring. Knowing Nadia would be there, however, was. He didn’t think she would enjoy it much either, but at least he got to meet her there and ignore the rest of the patrons in favour of his new girlfriend. He had had to follow her lead at the start, but once he’d figured out that people didn’t attend just to drink champagne and discuss their wealth, he’d managed to have some fun, because every room was different. They’d swum in the underwater room and he’d drawn on the walls of the drawing room and they’d just finished a slow walk of the rooftop garden with occasional pauses to comment on the party (Stephen, despite his proclivity to wear them, did not recognise very many flowers, alas).
Arriving at another door, Stephen had to pause to check the numbers on his pump, which he had done at intervals through the night anyway, more so recently. What he didn’t want was to inadvertently ruin the night by not watching his health, and it was hard enough to work out the passing time that night anyway. “I think we can do one more room,” he finally proclaimed, tucking it away. If she wanted to stay longer, he supposed he couldn’t stop her, but he knew he had had an adventure already. “After you,” he added politely, gesturing to the door, sure that he had opened the last door- although he couldn’t quite remember, having not been displeased with any of the rooms so far.

<br><div class="bottombordertame"></div>
<div class="extrainfo">nadia / clothes </div>

Apr 26 2017, 01:36 AM
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<div style='margin-top: 30px; width: 320px; background-image:url(http://i.imgur.com/JqXpDrP.png); padding: 30px; border: 1px solid #eee;'> <div class='artie-wave'>

<center><img src='http://78.media.tumblr.com/85aeb19e97005f65d7a2d573209c5d48/tumblr_inline_oakw4wgOQZ1uoek4j_250.gif' width='200' /></center>
<center><b>genevieve knight ■ middle sister ■ 27-28 </b></center>

<div class='artie-ride' style="height: 300px; overflow: auto;">

- hi hi! i am requesting a sister today \o/ as always, i'll list out what's negotiable and what's not 8) the fc i used is dominique provost-chalkley, but if u find someone who works better, i'm okay with that! the member group + history has to stay, and i have a base idea for personality, but feel free to take it whatever direction you want beyond that in the future! i'm contactable via aim, skype, or pm, just ask for em :') <p>
- the knight family used to be a hunting family from york, england, and genevieve is the middle child; she would have grown up learning how to hunt and how dangerous supernatural creatures were, etc. they're a family who never quite had enough clout to be the best of the best but sort of fooled themselves into thinking they were anyway. <p>
- genevieve has some classic middle child syndrome. her parents are largely distant, and really only dropped in on their children to tell them to straighten up their act (particularly gen here). her elder brother, eric, did everything textbook perfect; her younger brother, stephen, is diabetic and people spent more time checking he was managing okay. really, whatever genevieve did couldn't really hope to match up - so, naturally, she acted out a lot. i fully imagine she was (and still is!) a bit of a bully in high school because it wasn't like anyone was going to tell her to stop<p>
- when genevieve was 20/21 (depending on which age you go for), her father's finance company went under; her father was done for a variety of white collar crimes and is currently serving time in jail for this. she went overnight from having a hefty inheritance, good last name, strong hunting credentials, etc, to having pretty much nothing to her name - totally up to you how angry she is about that! the only thing she's sure of, even if no one has ever confirmed it (or ever will!) is that stephen is the one who tipped off the authorities - she's free to be openly suspicious, etc. <p>
- aaand now she's in london for whatever reason you like! i do think she's joined the hunters network- whether to actively hunt or to do something else is up to you- and is still fairly antagonistic she wants to be, but is still dangerous to be around- like if she's nice to you, you might want to run away fast :| <p>
- aaaand that's it \o/ apart from her not generally being the nicest person and having that specific history, she's all yours to mess with in the future :') like i said, i am v contactable, and u will get interactions with two whole brothers on the board so \o/

<div style='font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 1px; font-family: consolas; margin-bottom: 30px; padding: 5px;'> <a href='http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=1672'> ARTIE ABRAMS. </a> </div>
Apr 12 2017, 01:02 AM

<div class="be-like-themtame" style="margin-bottom: -3px;">It’s a privilege to be loved by you.</div>
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<img src="https://i.imgbox.com/dtnh5Uy9.gif">

Stephen didn’t particularly consider himself a ball sort of person. He had done a few social events when social events had been a common part of the Knight calendar, and while he’d been good at them, he hadn’t really enjoyed it; eventually, he had turned out too quiet and too introverted to really enjoy them for what they were. However, he knew one of the hosts- Maria- and he felt like he trusted her judgement in putting him on a guest list. He already knew if he didn’t like it then he could leave, but so far, he’d had a moderate amount of fun, considering how few people he knew: he had bumped into someone from work, had a conversation with someone about the weather, and taken a walk around the room to appreciate some of the finer details of the event, what with all the flowers (he was glad to see he had matched appropriately). A little tired from all of the excessive talking, however, he had decided he’d get some fresh air and, if he found nothing else to do, he had already stayed long enough to thank Maria for the invitation before, because he was polite and figured she’d had a lot of people to talk to, letting her get back to whatever she was up to.
He didn’t know what he expected to find outdoors that wouldn’t be indoors; after all, it was a giant garden party. Nevertheless, he appreciated the sudden breeze, even as he attempted to surreptitiously check his numbers on his phone, and there was still enough light out here- artificial, obviously- for him to walk a little. He paused when he turned a corner, however, not realising that someone else was so close by; fortunately, he recognised Nadia- he thought it would be pretty hard not to- so his pause was only long enough for him to turn over possibilities before he plucked what appeared to be a daisy in this dim light from nearby and approached. “Flower?” he offered, forgoing a pointless introduction when he knew she wouldn’t see the point; instead, feeling bold, he tucked it behind her ear.

</div><div class="figured-it-outtame">
</div><div class="black-and-whitetame">
</div><div class="be-like-themtame">

nadia / clothes / have a moment over daisies representing innocence, purity, and renewal

/ <a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=2147">✱</a>
</div></center><style type='text/css'>
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Mar 9 2017, 12:59 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 400px; text-align: justify;">Today's wanted ad is for some siblings for Stephen here! I'll explain his family history in a sec, but the things that I'd prefer to stay is the member group (hunter, obviously), and their general personalities. The names can change, as long as they stay classically English, and the face claims, as long as they bear a passing resemblance to Stephen here (Simon Nessman). : D <p>
history - the Knights are based in York, raised in a family that had a long hunting legacy that had largely died out by the time it reached this generation, although their parents (who are very competitive) often tried to reignite it. The kids would have been expected to learn to use weapons and try to police supernaturals long before the network even existed. Their father ran a loans/finance company throughout their childhood, but seven years ago, the company was investigated, and their father went to jail for things like tax fraud and, y'know, probably other white collar crimes. In the interim, the kids have been generally trying to accept their lot in life (going from, for example, getting everything on a silver platter to having little to no funds) and figure things out. Probably the most important thing to take from this is that Stephen was very quiet throughout this reveal and so, naturally, he was the one who put out the anonymous tip to the authorities - he's never accepted nor denied whether he did it or not.

Most of the info is in the post but if you want to run anything by me, I'm available via PM, aim and skype, if you ask for 'em. <3


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<center><div class="boyz">
<h1 style="color:grey">you was battle born</h1>

<table><tr><td class="left">
<img src="http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r154/TibBoy72/Celebrities/Steven%20R%20McQueen/th_12.gif">
<div class="info">steven r mcqueen / played by jade :| / 29-31</div>
</td><td><div class="text"><h2 style="color: #ba7d7e">victor knight</h2>
- Victor is probably the most perfect son in the universe, if you ask anyone close to him. For his parents, he picked up both habits of finance and hunting easily, was a grade A student throughout school, and has always been attentive to his siblings, even if they didn't want him to be. He might have his own secrets, but his siblings would never know. <p>
- He took the loss of their family money easiest but that was partly because he was a little older than them when they lost the money. He was settled, had his own income, and only suffered a minor mark on his reputation. His only change was to stop actively hunting as, he felt, there was no point if the Knight name was lost anyway. <p>
- That's not to say he doesn't maintain some of their ideals. Victor is in the midst of raising his own family, and one of the things that he's a stickler for is that his children know how dangerous supernatural creatures can be. His own generation is lost, he knows, but he's hoping that, through his children, he'll be able to resurrect the Knight name.


<table><tr><td class="left">
<img src="http://68.media.tumblr.com/0a2be69114c3aaba702f4cc123927a2d/tumblr_inline_oklb4uV6lj1u9urvd_500.gif">
<div class="info">suki waterhouse / open / 27-28 </div>
</td><td><div class="text"><h2 style="color: #4c7365">genevieve knight</h2>
- Genevieve is the more antagonistic of the siblings, with good reason; as the middle child, she was often overlooked in her youth (vs. Victor's textbook behaviour and Stephen's bad health), and she acted out a lot against her brothers in an effort to get noticed. While they do notice her now, it's usually because they're wary; if Genevieve is acting nice to someone, it's because she wants something from them. <p>
- She still manages to actively hunt, and even enjoys it. She's a bit mean, openly snarky, but very good at whatever she puts her mind to- this makes her dangerous, which she kind of likes. <p>
- Of the two, she's the one who openly suspects and accuses Stephen of ruining the family legacy and leaving them bereft. She's fairly convinced he did something, and fully plans to get him to get to admit it one day, mostly so she can hold him accountable for their father.


</div><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=8549"><span style="font: bold 8px/20px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center;">BY MITZI</span></a>


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Mar 9 2017, 12:33 AM
[dohtml]<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><style>#ship15 {width: 300px; height: 400px; background-color: #fff; position: relative; border-left: 200px solid #262626;} #ship15 img {position: absolute; top: 40px; left: -110px; border: 15px solid #fff; width: 80px; height: 80px;} .ship15t {position: absolute; right: 40px; top: 55px; padding: 35px 20px 0px 10px; background-color: #262626; height: 45px; width: 245px; font-family: arial black; color: #fff; font-size: 30px; text-transform: lowercase; text-align: right; letter-spacing: -2px;} .ship15s {position: absolute; top: 180px; font-family: montserrat; color: #fff; font-size: 8px; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: right; width: 150px; left: -170px;} .ship15w {padding-right: 10px; position: relative; top: 170px; height: 200px; overflow: auto; text-align: justify; color: #262626; font-size: 9px; font-family: tahoma; line-height: 100%; margin: 20px 40px 20px 20px;}</style><center><div id="ship15">

<img src="https://image.ibb.co/dSfoJQ/gS5iC4CS.gif" />

<div class="ship15t">

stephen knight

</div><div class="ship15s">

hunting family<br>
accountant @ snow pharm.<br>
f: nadia snow

</div><div class="ship15w">

Stephen is grounded, solemn, but fairly friendly; in nearly all aspects of his life, he's fairly average, pre-occupied with the normal things (did he leave the oven on?) and generally willing to talk to anyone if they'll talk to him. On the other hand, he can be more intelligent than he lets on and is fully capable of holding his own in most situations; it's just that he desperately wants to be overlooked and thus prefers to keep his conversational topics light and breezy. He's pretty honest about most things, enjoys things like drawing, going to museums, getting to know new people, etc., but isn't the man you'd go to for a drink. He's fairly dedicated to what he believes in, has an awful lot of faith in the wrong people, and if something isn't going his way, he works on that. Stephen's had Type 1 Diabetes since he was seven and is pretty open about that - mostly about how many metal detectors he can set off. <p>
Stephen was born into a failing hunting family that had largely lost it's legacy; hunting was seen as more of a thing they should try to do but, really weirdly, Stephen had like... morals or something and disapproved. When Stephen was eighteen, his father's loan company was investigated via an anonymous tip, and his father was revealed to have done a multitude of things, including but not limited to an incredible amount of tax fraud. The Knight family is understandably fractured- his father's in jail, his mother is off doing her own thing, and his siblings are suspicious of this anonymous tip that the authorities received. The effect on Stephen is that he struggled to get a job and so this is first time in London, doing accounting for real. He's very nervous about it. <p>
* In order to get Stephen the job, Stephen's incredibly kind Godfather pulled some strings with old contacts and had someone write him a sterling reference that says he's the best accountant ever, etc etc., so if you want an instant connection, your character could have done that and we can chat about that if u have someone for the role. \o/ <p>
friends I mean sure, he's not unfriendly, just a little bit guarded sometimes. He's the sort of friend who can take to a bookstore for a good recommendation or ask to attend your art show because you need to make up the numbers, but like I said, no bueno on the drinking. Mostly, he'll do anything for his friends, within reason. <p>
enemies He's from a hunting family, so if you are familiar with the Knight name, then you might not like him so much but he is very sorry for his family legacy, etc. He's not great with, like... fights, but he's pretty good at a verbal beatdown, if it came to that. Then he'd feel bad about it. <p>
lovers Real talk he doesn't really have many exes, and while people might flirt with him, he doesn't tend to really engage - because he has other things to deal with and occasionally considers himself a liability. As expected, he has a final, and he's p chill with that.

</div></div><div style="width: 450px; font-family: arial; text-align: right; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 7px;"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=145">&copy; lauz</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
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