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Apr 17 2018, 12:25 AM
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stalker? clothes!

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Brynnah was tired--her shift was long and she even stayed a bit later to help fill out some of the charts for records and now she was looking forward to going home and cooking dinner and watching Netflix. She lived quite a busy life, it seemed but it was hard to want to do anything after work when she had just pulled a twelve hour shift in the emergency room. It was exhausting, people forgave her for it. If anything she wasn’t sure she was the greatest of company after work because not everyone wanted to hear about the slew of patients she had dealt with and some of the crazy things she’d seen, especially since she was seemingly having a patient coming in and requesting her. It was strange, but she supposed it was flattering, and it’d only happened a couple times and frankly she wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it. <p>
She’d nearly made it to where she had parked in the lot, rooting around in her bag for her keys when she saw movement from the corner of her eye, making her heart stutter. Brynnah knew that it was a rather slim chance that something bad was about to happen, but the chance was still there and she was terrified that it was going to be this one time even if it was likely going to be one of her coworkers. It didn’t help that whoever it was was...ducked behind her car, which was alarming. ”Um, excuse me?” she murmured, swallowing the lump that was forming in her throat as she clutched her keys tightly in her hand, ”If you’re going to murder me there’s cameras all over the place and I’ll scream really loud and…” her voice rambled on, definitely due to the anxiety of it all, but Brynnah squinted at the figure, ”Wait, Urie?” Speaking of the patient who kept requesting her….”Why are you hiding behind my car? Are you following me?”

Feb 9 2018, 02:43 AM
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+stethoscope urie!

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To say that work was busy right now would be a massive understatement, but Brynnah didn’t mind terribly much. Her shift was almost over, which was a relief as she was exhausted. She grabbed the clipboard of the next case that was thrust into her lap, walking briskly to the bed in question after ensuring the curtains had been drawn (for privacy, and also because apparently not everyone was doing well with the sight of blood). Setting the chart down on her chair, she brushed a few loose strands of hair back from her face before offering a warm smile to her latest patient, ”Hi, Urie? The rumor going around is that you need a few stitches?” Brynnah quickly put on a pair of gloves before digging out her suture kit to place on the tray. <p>
”Dare I ask what happened? Your chart was pretty vague…” her voice trailed off before getting her needle threaded properly before getting to work, ”Small pinch--this is the numbing,” she informed biting her lip as she carefully hovered over him, lining each surgical stitch up like she was sewing clothing modifications for fun rather than carefully suturing someone’s forehead, but Brynnah didn’t mind. It was a type of task that she found particularly easy, as long as the patient didn’t move too much (obviously it wasn’t the most comforting situation--but at least there was a little bit of a numbing agent to help soothe everything out). Brynnah finished the first stitch, trimming the loose thread from the ends (mostly for cosmetic reasons--it made the stitches look a lot neater besides helping to prevent too much scarring) before moving to the next one, ” If you got any blood on your clothes hydrogen peroxide will get it right out if you soak it before you wash it. Once I get you to stop gushing blood all over the place I promise to get you cleaned up so you don’t look like a murder victim, though, I promise.”

Jan 15 2018, 06:57 PM
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wendy. clothes
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Brynnah adored her friends, especially cooking and doting upon them whenever they made time in their busy schedules. Unfortunately, sometimes a crisis was what it took for Brynnah to tell work she couldn’t come in (she’d take a few overnight shifts and make up the time, that wasn’t an issue) and turn her priorities towards taking care of her friend...in this case, Wendy was going through a break up that had hit her particularly hard. Brynnah knew of Trent, vaguely, but she did know that Wendy had really, really liked him, and everything was in shambles for her friend now, which was what brought Brynnah to lightly knock on Wendy’s door, a large bag in one hand and balancing another in her other hand before letting herself in. ”Wendy?” she inquired, before finding the girl on the couch. <p>
”I brought some Chinese food, trashy magazines and movies, some muffins, and cookies, and extra tissues…” she listed off, depositing the food into the kitchen before taking the rest of the things out to the living room, sitting down on the couch and hugging Wendy tightly. ”Have you eaten anything? What about showered? I brought a bath bomb and some face masks if you wanted to relax for a bit?” It hurt her to see her friend hurting this badly, but at this point Brynnah wasn’t sure what more she could do for the girl, which was equally upsetting. Honestly, Brynnah knew that the best thing for her was going to be waiting until the hurt passed, but Brynnah wished she could just...make it pass faster. At least because Brynnah hated to think someone would even hurt Wendy this badly in the first place--Wendy was usually a lot more positive/happier anyway.

May 10 2017, 02:44 AM
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<div class='band-gif-sur'><table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'><td><div class='band-gif'><img src='https://i.giphy.com/ksIFXqntuyiAg.gif'></div></td><td valign='top'><div class='band-words'><div class='band-word-bar'> FAMILY INFORMATION</div><div class='band-actual-words'> Hello! Welcome to the March family where I am here requesting a few siblings here for Brynnah. Their parents all had to work quite a bit, and when they were younger the siblings were all particularly close, but as they’ve grown up they’ve grown a lot more distant. Their parents worked a lot, and their grandmother babysat them until the eldest were old enough to babysit, and their grandma was a witch who specialized in protection magic. Brynnah took to healing magic moreso than protection, but honestly witches would be the only supernatural member group these children could belong to, because otherwise it would get too complicated, and while there is potential for that in the future, it’s easier to start off with some easier stuff, and a lot of this ad is opennnnn! <p>

So Brynnah is a healing witch who also works as a trauma medic at a hospital and volunteer healer for the Hunter’s Network, is the stereotypical mom-friend who will make sure everyone is well fed, warm, etc. and cares a great deal for her siblings despite the fact that she is the second youngest...It isn’t her fault, she just cares so, so much about everyone and their happiness and is prone to spreading herself thin just to make sure everyone is doing well for themselves. Names and member groups are pretty open to either witches or civilians, maybe werewolf or hunter, but very unlikely a vampire, but they have potential to become any of the above! If you want to ask questions or talk about it, you can hit me up on skype, pm, etc~ </div></div></td></table></div>

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<div class='band-gif-sur'><table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'><td><div class='band-gif'><img src='https://freddiemjfan.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/tumblr_n0u6scyuqz1tqbq3fo2_250.gif'></div></td><td valign='top'><div class='band-words'><div class='band-word-bar'> KEATON MARCH / WITCH / JAKE T AUSTIN / 19-21</div><div class='band-actual-words'> So Keaton is Brynnah’s younger brother, and basically the sibling she is the closest to and the most over-protective of. His personality and whatnot is very very open, but that him and Brynnah get along very well, and she really mothers the hell out of him. One thing that is non-negotiable about him, however, is that he was bullied a bit when he was younger by one dude in particular, and when Brynnah found out she effectively nearly killed him beating him up over it (as referenced in her app) and Brynnah feels very guilty about the whole ordeal, and inspired Keaton to stand up for himself too, and Brynnah patches him up every time. It’s up to you to decide how this has affected him! <p>


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Parvati March is what would happen if sunshine met a cloudless sky. She’s a lovely sunshiney school teacher who loves her job more than anything else. She likes to think she is helping shape the world’s youth, and thinks her job is the most fulfilling and selfless one out there. Parvati is the most cheerful and happy of the siblings (on the surface), and it’s become an unspoken rule to come to Parvati with their problems if you needed to vent. Unfortunately for Parvati, this weighs on her because she feels she doesn’t have that same relationship with any of her siblings. <p>

She’s tired of being such a positive force all the time, especially since everyone else is allowed to fall apart. She just wants it to be her turn.
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<div class='band-gif-sur'><table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'><td><div class='band-gif'><img src='http://68.media.tumblr.com/ecb3eb12ab75dd138a32ecf96a64dea7/tumblr_inline_mns6f5wxbd1qz4rgp.gif'></div></td><td valign='top'><div class='band-words'><div class='band-word-bar'> TRESSA MARCH / CLOSED / SARAH HYLAND / 26-28</div><div class='band-actual-words'> Tressa March is the eldest, and she is supposed to be the trailblazer, the one that all the siblings look to see what is next in their lives, and she works her hardest to stay that role model figure to her siblings. She lives the picture perfect life...at least if perfect life meant her fiance leaving her, getting fired, and has no where to live now that her fiance kicked her out. But she can’t tell her siblings that--oh no, Tressa is going to fake it until she makes it. <p> played by Vicki </div></div></td></table></div>

</div></div><div style='margin-top:8px; width:100%; text-align:center; font-family:calibri; font-size:8px; color:#777; line-height:100%; letter-spacing:2px;'> © LOUIS! </div></center>[/dohtml]
Apr 14 2017, 07:01 AM
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i’m an angel with a shotgun

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Brynnah was not someone who was fluent with first date protocols, yet here she was making an effort. She wasn't entirely sure how to dress for attending the SPN Con in London, partially because she hadn't gone to such an event before, and also it was considered a date which made her even more nervous than normal. She'd settled for something simple, a cardigan and skirt combo that made it look like she at least put in some effort, and she found herself practically bouncing on her feet anxiously awaiting their meeting time. Of course, she was very interested in seeing what the whole ordeal was about, it sounded fascinating, but it made it just the more exciting that she was going to be able to spend it with Miles. <p>

"Hey!" she greeted brightly upon seeing him, smiling widely, "How are you doing today?" It always seemed that she would devolve into small talk whenever she would get nervous--a side effect of spending so much time in the trauma ward. She was able to maintain a composure of steal but that didn't mean she was good at the easy interactions. "So is there anything you're dying to check out or...?" Truthfully, Brynnah was interested in seeing everything--she wasn't going to play favorites or be particular about it, but she was more than happy to follow along with Miles, she just wanted to spend time with him, and hoped that they weren't going to be completely nervous and awkward all day, because although they'd still have fun, Brynnah could only imagine how much fun they could have if they weren't total nervous wrecks the whole date.

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### words

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too lazy to ctrl v into my word count thing so HERE YOU GO

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