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handler: bex
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eloise charleston


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Mar 26 2018, 05:19 PM
with deadlines cropping up, no longer having a car, and my mental health on the decline - I think now might be the best time to take a break. I know I haven't been around here much the past few weeks, and I'm really sorry about that guys! When I come back, which should be around early/mid may I promise to be more active with all of you!!

me when i come back like:

Jan 19 2018, 09:31 PM
i mean most of you know me im assuming
but hey!

i'm bex...proud northerner...proud judy garland worshipper....proud costa coffee drinker

idk what else there is to be proud of????

i love all things old hollywood, harry potter, doctor who, grimm, z nation, veep, and RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE

I'm currently finishing a theatre studies degree, i want to work in musical theatre someday, and I think that's it???
i just wanted to say hello to those who don't know me as well, and to those who do know me

Jan 19 2018, 08:25 PM
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</div><div style="text-align: left; font-family: calibri; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #fff; line-height: 90%; text-transform: uppercase; margin-left: 10px;">

xxii - teaching assistant
<div style='background: url(http://image.ibb.co/egJoww/tumblr_me7x4e5aj61rgwx9so4_250.gif); background-size: cover; width: 120px; height: 120px; border: 5px solid #b795a0; position: relative; top: -75px; right: -130px; border-radius: 100%; z-index: 1;'></div>

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<b>meet eloise</b>. a mediocre witch turned teaching assistant from Newcastle. She's sweet and caring, loves children, and enjoys where she works. Her life isn't extremely fulfilling, but she's too lazy to become determined and change anything - though I imagine she will eventually. She's cut most ties with her family, and has made a fresh start in London. She's looking for friends and some sort of purpose in life (aren't we all el?) ....and some people to help her find a purpose!

<p><b>friends</b>. Eloise is very chatty, though she hasn't lived in London for long. She needs people around her who'll encourage her to get back into practising magic. Her mother taught her, but she didn't allow her to enjoy it. Eloise really needs some friends to show her a good side of magic. She's also quite easily lead....so it wouldn't take much convincing. She's not a night life kind of person, maybe a few pubs or bars...but secretly prefers girly nights in with popcorn, wine, and a bad movie.

<p><b>enemies</b>. I'm not sure how you'd make an enemy of Eloise...she doesn't appreciate or use her magic that often, maybe that'd annoy people? Or people who know she's a witch generally...though she doesn't shout it from the rooftops. If anyone has any fun ideas for an enemy thread, i'm definitely down!

<p><b>lovers</b>. Eloise already has a final, and hasn't really dated much beforehand. She'll listen to your relationship problems, but she isn't really interested in them - and would give crappy advice anyway!

</div></div></div><div style="width: 120px; padding: 10px; height: 180px; float: right;"><div style="width: 110px; height: 60px;"></div>

<div class="block"><div class="blockword">witch</div></div><p>
<div class="block"><div class="blockword">sweet natured</div></div><p>
<div class="block"><div class="blockword">determined</div></div><p>
<div class="block"><div class="blockword">easy going</div></div></div></div>

</div></div><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=3048"><div style="width: 295px; color: #000; font-family: calibri; font-size: 7px; letter-spacing: 3px; margin-top: 3px; text-align: center;">WHAT KATY DID</div></a></center><style>.everybody::-webkit-scrollbar {width: 2px;}
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Jan 18 2018, 04:18 PM
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<div style="width: 450px;">
<div style="width: 450px; height: 250px; background-image: url(http://image.ibb.co/mnU9Gm/image.png);"> <div class="name-box">

eloise s. charleston

</div> </div><div style="width: 450px; height: 60px; background-color: #333; position: relative;"><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="position: relative; top: 20px; left: -3px;"><td><div class="sara-boxes">


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</div> </td>
<td><div class="sara-boxes">

frida gustavsson

</div> </td> </table></div>
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Eloise enjoyed the quiet. The grounds of Lady Grey’s Boarding School were at their best at night. The children were all supposed to be asleep, and in late summer evenings a sky stained with crimson and violet would dimly light the gardens, offering a superficial beauty. Her magic would brush against the grass only to find it had been rolled on by one of the groundskeepers only months before; the flowers were far too bright and blinding for her liking, and the dirt was far too…clean. Still, it stood with an air of magnificence, fake – but alluring. Eloise didn’t mind. As a young, single, teaching assistant – she hadn’t been given her pick of the rooms. Her apartment was quaint, but sometimes suffocating; it seemed a walk across the evening landscape did wonders. Outside she didn’t feel the need to trap every thought inside, in fact most evenings she spoke aloud, voicing her thoughts, answering questions she’d held in throughout the day, or simply organising her shopping list. <p>
The young witch bit back a bark of laughter as she continued her walk, knowing full well her mother wouldn’t approve of her madness. Teenage angst and her mother’s competitive streak broke a bond that had hardly been there to begin with; a relationship loosely held together by a few threads. Her mother was a gifted witch, and took Eloise’s lack of ability in her stride – glad to be more competent than her daughter. Magic had never sculpted Eloise into who she was, it wasn’t the base of her being – simply part of the finishing touches – the final few strokes to the Mona Lisa, although Eloise never considered herself to be quite so polished. <p>
The blonde never quite finished her training with her mother, and found herself applying for jobs she never knew she wanted. Makeup artist, night club manager, teaching assistant – thankfully being accepted into a boarding school environment provided Eloise with accommodation too. London was so far from her home, but knowing that her mother was still waiting for her in Newcastle, the south of England would suit her just fine. It didn’t matter that she was surrounded by snobby entitled brats – the younger ones could be quite sweet. Those were the ones that Eloise, or rather Miss Charleston, dealt with. Helping them with spelling, going over homework, or sitting with the quieter ones at dinner was all part of the job description. But it helped that the witch discovered she loved working with children, otherwise there was every chance her work life could’ve become somewhat problematic. <p>
Hiding away in Lady Grey’s Boarding school was much easier than facing witches like her mother, people that were part of something. Eloise spent her entire life playing safe, never dabbling with the dark – the only exception being a late evening stroll, but that was hardly the same. Her life mainly consisted of helping six-year olds with phonics, their three times tables, and enjoying the company of fellow staff members. Perhaps one day she’d return to Newcastle with a fancy degree, a place in a prestigious coven, but as it stood the situation she’d designed for herself was more than suitable.

<div style="height: 7px;"></div>
<div class="alias-box"> bex - gmt- twenty</div>

<a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=165"><div style="width: 450px;text-align: right; font-family: cambria; font-size: 8px; text-transform: uppercase; font-style: italic; color: #000; line-height: 100%; letter-spacing: 1px;"> ♥ SARA! </div></a>
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