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Apr 17 2018, 02:36 AM
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Margaret was frustrated...actually she was beyond that at this point. She usually was found studying at the library most evenings--even having a spot that she had basically called her own in a lovely little alcove. It had an outlet and a window and it was perfect and usually she was left undisturbed with her studies. Tonight was different as someone else had invaded her study space--it was some guy she’d seen around the library a few times but otherwise had no interaction with and he was just being downright awful. He’d kept...trying to touch her and kept cat calling her and finally Margaret snapped, shoving all of her things back into her bag, ignoring the continued harassment as she left to go find somewhere new to study. <p>
It was hard to focus at home, so she settled on a diner because frankly she wanted coffee and figured it’d be a little bit more tolerable to hang out there...plus food for when she got hungry. It was a win-win scenario, especially since she was so upset that some guy had the audacity to cat call and grab her arms and keep touching her despite her insisting he knock it off, and Margaret was afraid she wasn’t going to get much studying done here either--too busy fighting off frustrated and terrified tears as she scrolled through PDFs on her laptop, holding a pen in her hand to take notes, trying to force productivity into her system when the door to the diner opened and in walked her roommate…of all people. Instinctively, she tightened her grip on her pen, feeling tears beginning to fill her eyes to the brim (even one running down her face which she wiped away), deciding that maybe it would be more beneficial to drop out of school...especially now that it seemed that she was roosting in her roommate’s place of employment. Wiping another stray tear from her face, she mumbled a quiet, ”You can just leave the pot here, I’ll drink it don’t worry,” at the server who she at this point she assumed was the lovely woman who had been serving her since, but no such luck it seemed, ”Or, um, hi, sorry, I’m just...the coffee is fine. I just needed somewhere to study, I didn’t know you worked here.” Her voice cracked a few times, and Margaret was convinced she just looked absolutely pathetic.

Feb 22 2018, 05:09 PM
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Margaret was more than aware of how hectic things had become. Moving into an apartment rather than the dorms in winter break was obviously the ballsiest thing she’d ever done aside from not studying nursing and she was still trying to adjust. Her roommate was fine--as long as they stayed out of each other’s ways because for whatever reason (she didn’t know) they just….continuously butted heads. It had gotten to the point where she had reached out to the roommate matching people, telling them there had to be some kind of mistake...and yet...they apparently had been a perfect match so Maggie was screwed and frustrated. Adding that stress on top of her mother being overall displeased with her daughter’s choices (and taking every chance to announce it to her) and the stress of a variety of school projects...Maggie was at wit’s end. It didn’t help that she couldn’t even rant to her family about her roommate being annoying for fear of hearing ’I told you so.’ <p>
Today was no different, though Maggie had opted to focus solely on her school projects and reports...which meant she’d pulled an all-nighter the night before in order to ensure they were perfect, editing and tweaking them until the very last second before she needed to print them and head off to school. She skipped lightly out to the living room area after pressing print...before realizing that the printer was still out of ink, causing her to roll her eyes...it was likely not going to be a problem--just a light inconvience. ”King?” she called out, the name sounding...obnoxious as she said it. If there was one thing she didn’t understand about her roommate, it was the fact that he went by his surname, which was king and...well Maggie was convinced everything was just stupidly ridiculous, ”Did you buy the ink for the printer?”

Feb 13 2018, 09:46 PM
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Maggie was built to be a perfect daughter. Her mother wanted it to be so, so she lived much of her childhood and teenaged life stretching herself incredibly thin in attempts to meet her mother’s expectations of her. She participated in academic decathalon and model UN in school, spent her weekdays locked up in her room studying and doing homework and her weekends were spent helping her dad in their garage with his latest car projects. She likes to work with her hands, and her healing magic came hand in hand with her interest in mechanics. She’s in uni now, got roommate matched, and is studying mechanical engineering sciences, much to her mother’s chagrin. <p>
friends: Maggie has had some friends here an there--she’s relatively quiet and sweet and a bit of a homebody but that’s due to the fact that’s how she was raised. On the outside, she absolutely looks like your stereotypical good girl, but things can change, that’s for sure. Regardless, she’s an ideal study buddy so you can be sure to stick close to her if you want to do well! <p>
enemies: Basically, she doesn’t have many of these, but people who disrupt her are usually the worst, or the ones that call her out for listening to her parents and being a perfect child? Yeah, no. She’s very insecure about herself as a result of her strict upbringing, and has a hard time expressing that, which can lead to some jealousy and distrust. <p>
lovers: Maggie hasn’t dated very much--maybe a little when she was younger, but only people her parents would have approved of, and honestly it was probably a very superficial relationship. She’s very shy and finds her feelings of romance and sexuality ignite an energy within her that frequently scares her. Her final is covered! <p>
</div><div class="strkname">MARGARET ULLEY </div></center>
<center><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=3079"><div style="width: 400px; text-align: right; font-family: calibri; font-size: 9px; color: #111; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px;">&hearts; HANNAH</div></a></center>[/dohtml]
Feb 13 2018, 03:39 PM
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margaret a. ulley

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lili reinhart

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Margaret Ulley wasn’t sure that breaking the mold was a possibility--let alone that there was a mold in the first place. Truthfully, she did everything by the book and what was expected of her, no questions asked, and without being asked in the first place. She was someone who was counted on to be exactly what was expected, and nothing more or less. It was a rather uneventful life, but it was life nevertheless. She wasn’t going to complain, partially because she was stuck in her own bubble, disconnected from reality in many ways. <p>
Her schedule had been practically clockwork for as long as she could remember: Maggie wasn’t particular one to deviate from the norm. Mondays through Fridays Maggie woke up early, showered, went to the coffee shop down the street from her school to finish up any last minute homework and enjoy a cup of coffee and scone for breakfast. Then there was school, which she had perfect attendance. Maggie Ulley was the captain of the academic decathalon team and a member of the model UN which took up much of her extra-curricular time. Then she would go home and weave around all the children that were always in her home (her mother ran a child care center out of the ground floor of their home and so there were frequently about a dozen children in her home from about seven in the morning until eight in the evening) and dash up the stairs, closing her bedroom door behind her. In her defense, her excuse was that she had a lot of studying to do--her perfect grade point average was not going to just earn itself after all. <p>
In reality, Maggie’s mother couldn’t complain--she was an obedient child who ensured to be present for family dinner before trotting back up to her room to take care of various pieces of homework or study for upcoming exams and the like, finding herself promptly in bed by nine at night at the latest before repeating it all over again. She was predictable as it was expected of her, and no one could complain about her behavior that way. <p>
On weekends where she wasn’t competing in academic decathalon or Model UN, Margaret didn’t have the same chance to escape the children that were in her house as much as she’d like, which caused her a great deal of stress, especially when her mother said she wasn’t doing anything anyway and could therefore give her a hand with them. She begrudgingly obliged, but found herself biting the inside of her cheek raw and squeezing her hands so tight that it felt like the tendons in her arms were going to snap. It didn’t matter how uncomfortable the situation made her, her mother expected her to help, so she had to. <p>
Her one saving grace at home was when her father was home--he traveled quite a bit for work and so whenever he finally would be home, Margaret spent weekends out in the garage with him, working on his latest car projects. It was obviously too dangerous for the children to be around that, and despite her mother turning her nose up at it...she couldn’t really scold her daughter for wanting to spend time with her father. Garage time was a therapy for Maggie she didn’t know she needed. <p>
Nothing made her feel as great as taking apart and putting things back together, causing her to constantly be covered in grease, small burns and cuts, and whatever else she could get herself into. <p>
The minor injuries and calluses that had developed on her were enough for her father to take steps to teach her healing--at least in regards of taking care of herself whenever the time came, which Margaret found incredibly useful, otherwise her hands would be weathered with nicks, scars, and calluses that would put most everyone else’s to shame. Her father felt it made it easier for her mother this way--their perfect daughter couldn’t be tarnished in any way. <p>
The amount of pressure this put Margaret under was overwhelming as her plight to meet her mother’s expectations was all consuming. The pressure of what she was to study in university was making her...edgy. Her mother wanted her to study medicine or nursing, especially since she did have some healing magic ability, but in truth Margaret had no interest in that, but she didn’t want to outwardly admit that...disappointing her mother was something she was sure her heart wouldn’t be able to take. Her father could see that her heart wasn’t in it as her mother discussed her future, no one could blame her. Her life had been planned to the minute and the fact that Margaret was meant to be moving into her own state of adulthood, but she wasn’t sure how she was meant to go about it...her mother had outlined everything...but...Margaret didn’t want any of that. She didn’t know how to express that either considering how she had never gone against her mother in her life...and yet…<p>
”I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.”<p>
That’s what her mother said to her when she found out that instead of studying nursing, Margaret Ulley had enrolled in mechanical engineering sciences. Her words crushed Margaret, literally feeling the tears running down her face as her first move as an adult was to go behind her mother’s back to pursue her passion...and the fact of the matter was she wasn’t crying because she was upset...oh no, she felt...relieved? Her mother was furious, but couldn’t change her mind.<p>
Her next major disobedience? Deciding that after two years in the dorms that she would move into an apartment with a stranger, thank goodness for roommate matching. Her mother’s fury reached nuclear, but Margaret was an adult, she was trying to figure out how to be her own person, and if that meant she had to disappoint her mother along the way? Well...she’d make do.
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<div class="alias-box"> sammi - mst - 23 </div>

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