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 go to the ends of the earth for you., noor!
tyler linton
 Posted: Apr 7 2018, 06:14 PM
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Where I come from isn't all that great My automobile is a piece of crap My fashion sense is a little whack And my friends are just as screwy as me
studio tech

somethin' about the kinda woman that can do it for herself
Tyler was now a married man. He was a husband with a wife and a marriage certificate. He kept thinking he would feel incredibly different, but for some reason, it all felt quite natural and none of the stress, of which there had been plenty, had come from the concept of being married itself. That part, in fact, had been normal and he’d handled it well and not really gotten cold feet about the concept, which he supposed Noor would worry about, all things considered. The actual wedding event had been stressful but, with skills he’d previously not known he had, it was going about as smoothly as it could, and no one had come over to tell him that, for example, the catering had fallen through. First of all, that would be Lucian’s job to deal with but secondly, the three months of stressing really had paid off because, simple as it was, no one could argue that this wasn’t a wedding that had been organised well and not at all thrown together out of desperation.

That said, it was truly remarkable that despite being the literal bride and the only person in white in the room, he couldn’t actually spot Noor anywhere. He didn’t mind her disappearing- they’d both spent a lot of time talking to guests, making sure people were comfortable, etc- but apparently when people asked him where she was, he was supposed to know this through sheer marriage power, and he didn’t so he figured he’d go and find her himself and let her know that her grandmother really wanted to talk to her (there was a slight hiccup here, in that Noor’s family were clearly not all English and therefore they had a language barrier, but everyone seemed to be making an effort). He did a stroll around the room and then figured maybe she was getting fresh air or something.

It didn’t actually take him long to find her (maybe marriage power was legit?), but she didn’t appear to be happily skipping into the wedding or anything. “Hey, what’s up? Are you stuck to the floor again?” he queried, casually strolling over to see if there was a particular hold-up (maybe Noor wasn’t ready to be a wife, which would be awkward).

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