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 your body is a symphony and i'm conducting., long-term love interest | very open
matthew czerny
 Posted: Apr 8 2018, 11:14 AM
has Rep: 11 pts
Swear to shake it up, if you swear to listen, Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention. I aim to be your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives.
drug dealer

long-term love interest
i'll preface this by saying i have no preference for gender, which is why it's in mixed; czerny leans slightly more towards liking guys but he's not going to be wholly picky. things that do need to stick: this is a love interest ad (duh), but it's not for finals. i do anticipate lasting a long time though, so if you've got a character in mind but they already have a final that'll happen quickly, this might not be the ad for you :| the age is pretty open, but please bear in mind czerny is a mere 21, membergroup is open, and i'm contactable via discord/pm/cbox if you have questions!

onto the plot \o/ this is czerny who, as we know, deals drugs, used to ride a motorbike before he got into a crash, lives in neverland, and is generally a bit of a mess parading as a person. czerny is, although he is unaware, biromantic asexual, which confuses him a lot understandably - he spends some time thinking that he wants a relationship but once someone shows interest in him, he backs off but isn't sure why; it is largely because he knows the relationship would eventually turn physical and he's not into that. he would very gladly invest in a relationship where that's off the table, and has something more akin to partners-in-crime who commit shenanigans together, maybe hold hands once a week. he's not really looking for exclusivity physically, but would like that emotionally.

obviously, what czerny needs/what i'm looking for is someone to fill that role. really, this person should probably have their shit together more than czerny does, and i feel like someone who isn't quite off-the-rails as czerny is would work out better - not only because they'll be a little more worldwise, but also for any drama generated from coming from different (or similar? czerny is from a rather rich family, after all!) backgrounds as time goes on. ideally, they'd be someone who can explain that google is really good for figuring these things out, and although the relationship won't last, it'll still be something long-term, so we can also plot a very dramatic break up in the future! fun times!

- - - prescribed pills to offset the shakes
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