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 in this moment now capture it, remember it, ariana!
edmund nightingale
 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 01:13 AM
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Everybody said it would hurt in the end Hurt in the end, but I feel nothin' She said that she'll pray for me I said, It's too late for me 'Cause I think it's safe to say This ain't ordinary life
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show me your broken heart and all your scars

Edmund's plans were not his favourite plans, he would admit. Bella had been born, she was healthy and safe, and Edmund knew that she only had a limited time left with her mother, or, perhaps not, if everything went to plan. There was still that risk though, the one Edmund knew they were taking, he could lose Ariana in a second if everything went wrong, and he wanted to be sure that if it did he'd done everything in his power to make her happy. A part of him felt like he had no choice anymore, putting it off was harder on both of them, and watching Ariana waste away with her illness was doing neither of them any good. He wanted her to believe she was still the same vibrant, ridiculous woman he'd known when he first met her, but the truth was she was pale and weak, and hurting. He never once wanted to treat her any differently, though, he loved her and he wanted her to know it, for once his own hang ups when it came to emotions meant nothing.

He'd left her to sleep for a little while, watching Arabella, only not taking her to Ariana's sister's to give her a chance to see her before he did anything. Once Bella was asleep too, though, he finally went to wake Ariana up from her sleep. Gently he knelt down by her bedside and stroked back her hair. "Hey, wake up," He said softly, leaning down to kiss her on the forehead. "I have something I want to do." Of course, she needed to be awake for it, but he also wanted her to agree to it before they left - well, at least the first part of it, he didn't know when he was going to explain the second part to her but he wanted to make her happy before she had to be serious. He hoped she'd say yes, of course, but a part of him didn't think she'd want to say no, as far as she knew these were her last days and he wanted to make them as special as he could for her.

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the voices surrounding us here they just fade out when you take a breath
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