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meredith nichols


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Feb 8 2018, 05:27 PM
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Meredith is very business all the time. She likes being in control of her life and knowing what’s what. Change isn’t something that she’s very good with and when it comes down to it she always gets what she wants. Meredith’s entire life has existed inside the modeling world and its all she knows. She’s very adamant about her dieting and her exercising as well as keeping her business in check now that she’s a manager as well. <Br><Br>
<b>Friends:</b> Meredith probably has friends best with those in the modeling world, or the acting world, or just the general socialite world. She’s really caught up in her side of the universe and while she understands the otherside, it’s not really something she gives much thought to. <Br><Br>
<b>Enemies:</B> Meredith has never been afraid of stomping out her enemies when need be, but I always love the idea of entertaining frenemies with her. She’s probably very good at keeping her enemies closer than her friends whether that be work competion, boys competion, whatever she’s absolutely a frenemies more than an open enemies kind of gal. <br><Br>
<B>Lovers:</b> I absolutely bet she has some past relationships and fleeting things lets be honest. She’s probably had a few short term 6-9 months ish relationships and like a long one or two maybe who knows. If you wanna be an ex hmu. Her final is covered right now though.


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<b>HER NAME IS meredith</b>
everytime you shine i'll shine for you



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Feb 7 2018, 05:08 PM
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<div class="circthread21c"> 380 words for Nic</div>
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Meredith was scouting, or pilching, whichever you wanted to call it. She often times would find her talent by lurking around photoshoots of other friends she had in the industry. She never stole the star of their shoot, that would be to easy. Meredith had a formula for the clients that she liked to bring onto her agency. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe mainstream models could be something, she just liked to mold them into who she wanted them to be and the image that she wanted them to put forward. Having been a trailblazer in the modeling industry before turned manager it wasn’t like it was hard for somebody to tell her now when she offered them a job anyways. <Br><BR>
Today Meredith could be found lurking in the back of a photoshoot filled with about 20 different models for varying different parts of the shoot. She was pacing the back and observing, figuring out which models had what it took and which models were to arrogant to know the center of the shoot from just blending into the backdrop. Those were a fun case sometimes, but right now Meredith didn’t have the time to dedicate herself to one individual trying to steal the show. There were a lot of new faces in this room, and a lot of old faces as well. Meredith was getting bored as she tucked the cast list under her arm and checked her watch for the time wondering if she could make an excuse that her lunch meeting was starting soon and she’d be on her way, there was still nearly and hour and she was bound to spend the time still lurking about the wasted day of a photoshoot. <br><br>
Just as Meredith was about to give up and start happy hour early a particular model caught her eye. She wasn’t sure if it was the way that he took charge of the shoot that he was in, or just the fact that from the moment Meredith laid eyes on him, she couldn’t remove them, but she wanted him, and what Meredith wanted she often got. Following him around the shoot with her eyes a sly smile spread across her face as she contemplated what his future could hold.

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Jan 24 2018, 03:26 PM
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meredith j. nichols

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gerards pack

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shey mitchell

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There are five major points in everyone’s lives that define who they are as a person. I can name 4, for that fifth one, I guess I’m still waiting to see what happens.<br><Br>

Starting with the first moment, I was young, very young when I was taken from my village, I don’t remember much of it, just the crying. I remember the crying all the time, to the point that it was just a blur. Was the crying from me? Was the crying from one of the many other children? The worst memories though, those are the ones of silence. When the only thing you remember in the silence was the pains in your stomach, the feeling of dirt on your skin, the loneliness. The consuming loneliness that no small child should feel in their life.<Br>
Being taken from the village was weird. I remember when I first met my Mum and Dad. They were kind, they were soft, and oh so blinding. I remember never seeing something so clean, so white in my entire life, and then they were there, and I was theirs. The next few years were different, but they were the best. I didn’t see dirty much longer, everything was always so clean, so bright. I loved the bright and I remembered it and clung to it secretly afraid that someday it may be all gone again. It never was, everywhere I look I still see the bright.<br><Br>
The second moment that defined my life involves family again, or the expansion of it so to say. I wasn’t pleased. I was just leaving preschool one afternoon when mum decided it was time we had an important talk. I felt very proper and sat myself up big and tall in my booster seat, I just wanted to do my best for her and prove I could be the proper daughter she raised. I was still worried I was going to be given back, and I had a lot to live up to to stay. I remember arguing with my mother that day. I didn’t want a little brother mum. No we don’t need to keep him, just leave him at the baby store, you left plenty there when you picked me ext ext. I look back now and realize that terror wasn’t that far off. I guess I can appreciate Parker now, in small doses, but he was like having six younger brothers wrapped up in one, but he kept me on my toes. I learned a lot on how to poke and prod just enough to get somebody else to make an outburst and get the blame, a skill that has since come in handy. Thanks parker, you’re alright.<Br><br>
Flashing forward by almost a decade is when my third defining moment hits. It was hard on the family, we didn’t know how to handle it. I was thirteen the first full moon that I turned. I remember the pain like it was just yesterday. I remember feeling every bone in my body break, and then nothing. We were a family though, and while teenage years were hard we figured it out. It’s a dominant gene you know, werewolfism, it passes through the generations. I don’t flaunt it, I certainly am not proud of it, but I’ve found that as the years have passed, I’m not ashamed of it either. <br>
It got easier after I got a pack. I had friends that understood what I was going through and I had friends who knew how hard it could be sometimes. London had been the answer for me, for so many different reasons this just being one of them.<Br><Br>
My fourth moment, the final defining moment in my life as of right now, happened shortly after I was thirteen. I remember always being interested in fashion, always being told I was beautiful, and gorgeous and I should pick up modeling. These were just common things that everyone was told as they grew up weren’t they? I do remember the first time I traveled to London. Fashion week was a huge deal across the globe and I was in complete awe. I don’t remember the first person to approach me, I didn’t stick with him very long, but I think back to that day often. I remember the feeling of looking at my mom, begging with every ounce of my being to allow me to make this my lifestyle, and I did. I modeled for years, through my teenage years and into early adult. I kept up with my schooling, getting a business degree between photoshoots and runway shows. I knew that I couldn’t keep the lifestyle forever and eventually needed a fall back, that fall back was the same industry. Once you get a taste of the life it’s pretty hard to leave. I manage now. I try and scout at a younger age, the ones who don’t think they have the potential, I look past that and like to turn them into the image of themselves that they see in their minds.<Br><Br>

And that’s me. Four very big, very defining moment. Each more important than the last and I know the fifth is just around the corner. I’m thirty now, and my story has just begun.

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<div class="alias-box"> jess - PST - 23 </div>

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