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 Posted: Mar 22 2015, 06:15 PM
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First, take your sip, do your dip Spend your money like money ain't shit We too fresh Got to blame it on Jesus Hashtag blessed

On March 15th 2013, the supernatural creatures of the world revealed themselves, going on television, stage, having interviews with journalists in newspapers and magazines. The world changed, they said, and they had changed along with it. They straightened out misconceptions about their species and decided to live amongst the humans - as friends, they said, as people, as a community, as one.

London, England. The tourism industry is booming, what with the vampires providing more local attractions. A werewolf could fix your car for cheap, and a witch might sell you a love charm on the streets. On the surface, it's a bright, vibrant capital city with everything you might need for your holiday. Except good weather, but that's England for you.

Things aren't so great underneath. The government, faced with the existence of creatures they can't understand, may have given citizenship to the dead but are attempting to pass laws: for experiments, for registers that even the oldest vampire will have to sign, even extermination, in some cases. The vampires are fighting for their own territory, the werewolves are attempting to hold down a rebel leader, and the witches' motives are best not thought about. It's only a matter of time before everything explodes and someone gets hurt.

To survive in London, you've got to be the crooked kind.

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