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 Posted: Mar 21 2015, 06:48 PM
has Rep: 32 pts
First, take your sip, do your dip Spend your money like money ain't shit We too fresh Got to blame it on Jesus Hashtag blessed

This site is rated 18+. As such, there may be mature language and themes throughout the board. These themes may include sex, drugs, alcohol, and more. However, these themes shouldn't be the backbone of anyone's plotting. Should a thread reach a point where the content is NSFW, an [M] must be placed in the title; this isn't because the members on the board could be squeamish, just that we want to look out for people who might be on the site during work hours. To do this, please PM an admin to have it placed there, or put it there beforehand.

If you're unsure of your plot, or you'll be writing about sensitive material and want to make sure it'll be okay, please let us know! We'll review any plot and look at how to handle it maturely.

To register on the site, please register with first and last names in lower case, e.g., harry potter. If you accidentally register in a different way, please let an admin know.

Should your account require a name change for some reason, this can be done via your control panel.

Duplicate first names are not allowed. Real life has duplicate names all the time, but on the board, it just gets confusing when it comes to discussing characters. Nicknames are allowed - we can have a Charlie and a Charlotte, but not two Charlottes. We'll be more lenient with duplicate last names, provided they're popular names (i.e. Smith, Jones, etc) or there's a reason for it (i.e. your character chose the name themselves).


If you want a way to keep characters organised, you are free to create a player account. This account should be your handler name (e.g. jade), and you are free to connect sub accounts to it. You can also use this account to post plotters, thread trackers, notices in the OOC forum, and send messages without clogging up your character accounts. These accounts are optional but recommended.


Avatars are 250 x 400. the smaller gif is 150 x 150. Images in signatures can be no larger than 500 x 200. Html signatures are allowed, but shouldn't stretch the board or be too tall -- these will be looked at on a case by case basis.


There are no restrictions on character creation in terms of how many characters you can have. However, to register a new character, the previous character must have an accepted biography, posted in claims, and a posted plotter. At this moment in time, there are no bans in place for types of character, but this may be changed as time goes on.


The activity requirement is at least one post per character per fortnight. Once a month, an activity check will open for a week; the requirements to pass the check is one post within the past month. Any characters who do not make the check will be placed in inactive. If they miss a second check, they will be deleted.


The boards work in real time- so whatever time it is in real time, that's the same time as the board. This is the avoid any confusion with date changes. The weather, naturally, will reflect London weather- this can be easily googled or found +here. It can be generally assumed the weather will be poor though- this is England, after all.


Be nice. Don't be a dick.

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