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 february announcements!
 Posted: Feb 1 2018, 08:43 PM
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february announcements.
There will be no full moon in February.

Two months since I've done these but honestly no drastic changes! Whilst we had a rise in every member group apart from ghosts, and our boy - girl ratio has closed a touch, we've not had much difference in terms of affiliations! The East Coven could use some love if you're planning a vampire in the near future, or if you want something a bit tamer don't forget the South Coven has opened its doors to less traditional members #spon. Daniel's Pack is also behind if you're feeling particularly terrible! Otherwise I'd like to take this time to encourage a few more ghosts join the spectre squad, and remind you that vampires and hunters as a whole are significantly lower than werewolves, witches and civilians, if you're looking for a member group to join!

There has been some mild discussion on this, but as it stands, Hannah and I feel it'll be best to change the rating of the site from 15+ to 18+. This is largely because the member base is a little older, we're all adults here, and we don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable because they're threading with a teenager (and equally, don't want teenagers to feel awkward hanging out with us! Some of us still only believe in 151 Pokemon). This will be changed in the rules topic.

Please note that although the rating is 18+, this doesn't change the Jcink terms of service (we're not a premium board!). You can check out the TOS +here for a refresher, but as a rule, Jcink expects fade to black on sex scenes, no heavy mention of drugs/alcohol, and very little graphic violence - in other words, this stuff happens, you can say it happened, but no explicit description. Swearing is fine provided you don't go overboard. As said, this is a Jcink thing, not an admin thing, and there's nothing we can really do to change that - but we just wanted to make sure no one was spontaneously threading mentions of these things with someone potentially underage.

English weather is notoriously terrible and if you thought things brightened up for February, you would be... tragically wrong. The rain is terrible, the winds are terrible, the snow is magical -- wait, what? February's site event is a classic: everyone is snowed in! There are weather warnings everywhere, reminders that the train service may be delayed (when is it not?), and it's a great time to complain about who you're cooped up with over the weekend of the 17th and 18th. Or, well, you can make the most of your time together, we're not judging.

If you do feel like braving the heavy snows, be prepared for the fact that this isn't ordinary snow. It seems a magic spell has gone wrong somewhere, but for some reason, if you start building anything out of the snow, weird and wonderful illusions happen! Keep building those snowmen, igloos, Olafs, snowcars, etc, because you might find yourself wrapped up in a log cabin, or enjoying the view from the top of a mountain, or happily playing in a village green that you've never seen before. Whether you're indoors or out, there's sure to be an adventure!

Snowed in or adventuring outdoors, the site event will go up on the 9th! Threads from the previous site event will go to the past events forum for you to keep threading.

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